Microbrush Applicators

  Original Microbrush® Applicators Our original award-winning Microbrush applicators feature non-absorbent fiber tips and a bendable neck to give dentists maximum control of their procedures. Packaged in convenient, practical tubes for hygienic dispensing or tray refills designed to fit in the Microbrush sion™ dispenser. These applicators are for single use and offered in a variety […]

DryTips and Reflective DryTips – EN

  DryTips® and Reflective DryTips® DryTips far outlast the saliva absorption capacity of cotton rolls and other absorbent pads, and they do not lose moisture when handled. DryTips facilitate the work far back in the oral cavity by keeping the procedure area clean and dry. The recent addition to moisture control are the Reflective DryTips. […]

UltraBrush EN

  UltraBrush® This bristle brush applicator was inspired by dentists, to provide better spreading action and a more precise application of material. It bends close to the tip for improved control and ease of reach.

Micro-Stix EN

  Micro-Stix™ The Micro-Stix applicator is designed with an adhesive tip to securely place and hold fragile components used in dental restorations, such as veneers, crowns, brackets and more. After placement in the mouth, the applicator is removed with a simple twist. The Micro-Stix keeps its adhesive effect and thus, can be used multiple times […]

Microbrush X EN

  Microbrush® X The Microbrush X applicator is mainly used for endodontic treatments, fissures and bonding posts. The applicator´s head can be bend up to 90°, and is designed with a long, thin brush tip to simplify application for procedures involving confined spaces. It also allows for even placement of material. The flexible head features […]