The Micro-Stix applicator is designed with an adhesive tip to securely place and hold fragile components used in dental restorations, such as veneers, crowns, brackets and more. After placement in the mouth, the applicator is removed with a simple twist. The Micro-Stix keeps its adhesive effect and thus, can be used multiple times for one patient.

This innovative tool is ideal for delicate or small restorations, giving clinicians the confidence to handle fragile items, limiting the risk of shifting or detachment from the instrument.

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Available in one size.

Benefits and Usage

With a unique, non-hardening adhesive tip, Micro-Stix enables dentists to securely hold restorations until placed securely in their proper place. Each Micro-Stix can be used multiple times during a single patient procedure. The innovative adhesive formula ensures no residue remains on adhered surfaces.

Single-use only.

It´s simple - just pick, place and twist.


Micro-Stix are ideal for veneers, inlay and onlay cementation, crowns, band placement, brackets and clasps.



  • 64 applicators - blue
  • Available in 1 size

Product Overview

Product number Type Size Color Packaging Quantity
STIX64B Micro-Stix Applicators one size blue Applicators 64

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