Microbrush® X

The Microbrush X applicator is mainly used for endodontic treatments, fissures and bonding posts. The applicator´s head can be bend up to 90°, and is designed with a long, thin brush tip to simplify application for procedures involving confined spaces. It also allows for even placement of material. The flexible head features short, stiff fibers for a controlled application of material.

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Available in one size.

Benefits and Usage

The extended, extra-thin applicator is designed for confined spaces. Its short, stiff bristles are perfect for handling minute amounts of material and for even placement to inner surfaces of the tooth wall. The strong bending head is flexible up to 90°, and ensures the accurate placement of solution in hard to reach areas.

Ideal for endodontic treatments, bonding posts, inlay / onlay cementation, fissures and perio / subgingival procedures.


Microbrush® X Refill

  • 100 applicators per refill pack
  • Available in 1 size

Microbrush® X Dispenser Kit

  • 100 applicators in dispenser kit
  • Available in 1 size

Product Overview

Product number Type Size Color Packaging Quantity
MPX Microbrush® Applicators one size black Dispenser Kit 100
PX100 Microbrush® Applicators one size black Refill 100

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