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About Microbrush

At Microbrush International, we design and manufacture restorative dental accessories of the highest quality.
Offering a complete range of products to fulfill the unique needs and desires of dentists around the world, our products enable them to better practice their craft with greater convenience, greater consistency, and greater control.
Dentists can choose our products with confidence, knowing that every product out-of-the-box will reliably deliver the same performance as the last.

What's new

Microbrush Test Swabs

Microbrush International is proud to play a key role in the battle against COVID-19. Take a closer look at how we leveraged over 30 years of micro-applicator and flocking experience to quickly respond to the global shortage of test swabs for COVID-19 testing.

NEW! Ultrafine Microbrush Applicators

Microbrush now offers its smallest applicator tip - 0.5mm. The new design provides greater access to hard-to-reach areas and offers two new colours to help keep trays organized in multi-step procedures.

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Professional product advice

Do you have questions about our products or require professional advice across our complete portfolio? Young Innovations works with experienced hygienists who can advise you on any questions you may have.

Arrange now for a free in-practice appointment or virtual consultation. Contact us by phone, by e-mail or via our social media channels.