This bristle brush applicator was inspired by dentists, to provide better spreading action and a more precise application of material. It bends close to the tip for improved control and ease of reach.

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Available in two sizes, fine and regular.

Benefits and Usage

The fibers of the UltraBrush bristle brush applicator are chemical resistant to hold up to the harshest dental materials. The applicator head bends close to the tip and guarantees a precise application while providing improved control at the same time. Thanks to the „Stay-Put Bending“ Technology, the applicator head remains in the desired angle without rebound.

Ideal for applying whitening solutions, fluoride, etchants, bonding agents, sealants, desensitizers, adhesives and resins.


UltraBrush® Dispenser kit

  • 100 applicators in dispenser kit - green or blue
  • Available in 2 sizes - regular or fine

UltraBrush® Refill

  • 200 applicators per refill - yellow and green or orange and blue
  • Available in 2 sizes: regular and fine



Product number Type Size Color Packaging Quantity
U1D UltraBrush® Bristle Brush fine blue Dispenser Kit 100
U1R200 UltraBrush® Bristle Brush fine orange/blue Refill 200
U2D UltraBrush® Bristle Brush regular green Dispenser Kit 100
U2R200 UltraBrush® Bristle Brush regular yellow/green Refill 200

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